In June 1982, he landed in Paris, where he obtained political asylum, accompanied by his wife and two children. He still resides there today. He did not set foot in Poland again until twelve years after the events following obtaining French nationality.

Wozniak started out working for the Arrco group where he drew for newsletters, designed various posters, but also did less creative tasks there, delivering mail and watering plants.

He began to collaborate with the French press: Tonus, Liberation, L’Evénement du Jeudi, Le Point, L’Expansion, VSD, Le Monde de l’Education, Playboy, La Croix, etc.

The year 1986 remains a professional turning point in Wozniak’s career. He published his first drawing for Le Canard enchaîné. After a year where he officiated as a freelance writer, he became a full-fledged employee of the satirical newspaper. He still works there today and every week he illustrates the cinema section, as well as political news. Since then, there have been new ad hoc collaborations with Le Monde, Le Monde diplomatique, Le Nouvel Observateur, Christian Testimony, Der Frau, Courrier international.

A true workaholic, the artist creates numerous posters for the Council of Europe, for jazz festivals, humanitarian associations and other cultural events. He also takes part in the development of music videos (Manu Chao, Akli D), album cover illustration (La Radiolina by Manu Chao, Archie Shepp,…), works with France 2 for the cartoon “Les Durs du Mur “, produces several animated films for AIDES.

In 1998 with many friends (Cabu, Kerleroux, Kiro,…), he set up the satirical site Scorbut1.

Beyond the media aspects of his profession, Wozniak never stopped painting.

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