“We are all equal… especially me.”

“More than a substance, plastic is the very idea of ​​its infinite transformation” Barthes.

Régis- R likes to refer to this quote to give meaning to his work. Born at the time of the oil shock, plastic seems to have undeniably marked its existence. He wants to work with this material and give it an artistic sense with his quite surprising creations.

Régis-R explores a post povera design with creations halfway between recycling and readymade. Suspensions, mobiles, lights and bobidons, watch your eyes …
From diversion of function to contortion of matter, Régis- R is a fan of recycling, but above all a recomposer of objects. Against a backdrop of recovery, diversion and recreation, such an approach is consistent with that of all creators who, in an age of overconsumption, think about ways to create without wasting.

Liberty – Equality – Fraternity
For this exhibition, the artist revisits the emblem of the Land of Lights. Blue as Balloons, White as Canisters, Red as Recovery …
Régis-R designs the flag as a patchwork of colors and materials reflecting the French cultural mix. Double meaning, double use, double exposure. At a time when French flags are flown for sporting events, Régis-R questions the symbolism of the flag and its scope by diverting the Blue White Red emblem.

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