Peter Yarrow

Peter Yarrow born May 31, 1938, American singer and composer, exhibits his painted work for the first time, mixing sensitive portraits and bursts of color.

At the age of 7, he discovered his passion for art when he visited the Woodstock Artist Colony. Later he took courses at the Art Students League (NYC) and developed painting. At the same time he moved to Greenwich village where he composed his music and with the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary rose to fame in the 1960s.

They make Bob Dylan’s song “Blowin ‘in the wind” famous.

He co-wrote with Leonard Lipton one of the group’s greatest hits,

”Puff, the Magic Dragon”.

Peter Yarrow then becomes an icon of American music.

Renovator of the folk movement, curator of American song, popularizer of young talented authors, Peter, Paul And Mary deserves its place as the most popular trio in the history of American folk.

Spokesman for the new left of the 1960s, Yarrow is an activist for social and political causes.

He has supported causes ranging from opposing the Vietnam War to the creation of Operation Respect, a global organization, “dont laugh at me” that promotes tolerance and civility in schools.

In 1963 the trio walked with Martin Luther King to Selma. The three have participated in countless anti-Vietnam war protests. Although their activism sparked a constant stream of death threats, they never gave in.

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