Katy Anderson

Born in Texas, Katy Anderson begins to photograph after a tramatic event : the blaze of her family house with all her stuff as photographs albums. Since, photography had for her a testimonial value.
“A unique moment of time captured so that i haven’t to lean on my memory only to relate the history.”
Capture the History 

His meeting with Patrick Medrano changed her way to see and to document the world. These two artists have their own style, talent and passion which are mixed and lead to an upsetting result everytime.
The innocence facing racism

In a society where a lot of people are scared about speaking about race, Katy Anderson continues to do art on race. “Thinking that we are far away the racism in America doesn’t mean it’s over. I’m very proud about the election of Obama, first afro-american president, I hope, I beg for his win during the next election.”
For her, there are still a lot of things to tell between an abandonned school formerly victim of segregation and poignant portrait of young afro-american people facing racism stereotypes. She provokes debats, her images leads the spectator to ask : “Which is this book reading by this little girl ?”
“Why these white children seems so threatened ?”

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