Karol Rouland

Her images immerse us in a dreamlike and fantastic universe where the light moves in a surreal grace: the circus.

Karol Rouland’s photographs give the illusion of painting. Karol Rouland expresses “the soul of the magic circle where dreams are embodied and around which circus artists gravitate, like so many multicolored and singular planets, but whose existence is dedicated to this mysterious pole. A space of absolute freedom. where everything is to be reconstructed and imagined, where everything is possible since nothing is frozen there (…) “.
Apart from the quality of her pen which allowed her to write for cinema and theater, Karol Rouland demonstrated her talents as a director and actress in various films and plays, notably for Joël Pommerat. At five, she said to herself “later, I’ll be an actress or lion tamer.” She spent her free time in movie theaters that belonged to her father. Thanks to him, she met wonderful artists. Bourvil, De Funès, Michel Simon …. and Jean-Pierre Mocky. Karol Rouland enrolled at the age of 23 at Annie Fratellini’s circus school. There she learns acrobatics on the floor and the wire. There she meets Annie Fratellini’s daughter, Valérie, and Gilles Audejean who teach her acrobatics on horseback. Two passions are born from these encounters: horses and circus people.

Also an actress, she starred in La Queue de la Comète (1988), l’Ombre du Fou (1988),
Headstrong (1989), …

Dorothy’s gallery, American Center for the Arts exhibited the photographs of Karol Rouland from May 12 to June 29, 2014, on the occasion of the release of his book “Monsieur Cagole” prefaced by Jean-Pierre Mocky.

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