Francis Brunelle

The bas-relief collages are the result of the cross between the “sheet” of the 2012 exhibition and the large collages. The surface treatment is deliberate, echoing the works of John Chamberlain.
The war paintings are an expression of anger. In 2012, the war began in Syria, we are invaded by images of destruction, of children injured in the arms of their mothers. So many figures, anonymous forgotten the next day. It was to fight against oblivion that I painted these canvases. The large painting is a pile of shot people, folded up “in a mirror” to create a large abstract figure.
The third part of the exhibition is a meditation. It is a matter of working in the thickness of matter. Footsteps, a breath, have left imprints on it. Glazes have captured the light. They are openings to the inner world. An attempt to get closer to Far Eastern lacquers, to Monet’s light, and to try to unravel the secret of Turner’s glazes. They are reflections.

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