Emanuelle Fèvre

Emmanuelle Fèvre’s creations are photographic compositions at the border between photography, polaroid and graphics. The multiple images are superimposed, reworked, distorted, made transparent using digital techniques to create a unique and dense universe. Emmanuelle Fèvre creates a subliminal world, which we explore layer after layer to discover its complexity.

A media icon

The portraits of Barack Obama that she creates especially for the Dorothy’s gallery become the imaginary reflection of a media icon, the concretization of our hazy memories. These accumulations of photographs recompose the collective memories of this emblematic, popular and over-mediated public figure.

“Emmanuelle Fèvre is part of a new generation of children for whom images are no longer seen as reflections, but as constructions. They are no longer what we look at, but what we transform. »Serge Tisseron

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