Barmak Akram

Afghan artist. Lives and works in France.

Barmak Akram tells us in 25 images from his film “Wajma, an Afghan bride”, the story of a sweet and violent Afghan romance that turns into drama. He presents us in an original storyboard, specially created after the shooting. How to live a love story in Kabul when you are 20 years old, in a society aspiring to modernity but still strongly anchored in its customs?

Director, photographer, visual artist and musician, he was born in 1966 in Kabul. He is a graduate of FEMIS, the National School of Fine Arts and the National School of Decorative Arts.


Born in Kabul in 1966, it was as a political refugee that Barmak Akram arrived in France in 1981, where he developed a passion for the visual arts and cinema.

He makes many documentary films around Afghan culture, “videotos” (short for automatic video), which take us into a world of abstract beauty.

L’Enfant de Kaboul, a feature film released in 2009 with the collaboration of Jean-Claude Carrière and -M-, showing us a city where 50,000 abandoned children lived.


Lisa, Afghan transvestite, documentary video installation, portrait of a little girl who, in Taliban days, pretends to be a boy so she can go to school. black and white photos of Lisa


“In Afghanistan, art is what remains”

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