Adine Sagalyn

Born in New York, Adine Sagalyn has lived in France since 1981 and has worked as a portrait photographer for twenty years. Her work as a plastic photographer takes as a source of inspiration architecture, the urban landscape, industrial materials or production lines. In 2002 she created a monumental photographic fresco (10m x 50m) entitled “Kaleidoscope” for an Architecture Studio building – the Daniel Carasso Research Center of Groupe Danone. In 2006, Adine Sagalyn is the guest artist alongside Tinguely, Arman, Erro, César and Doisneau, at the Atelier Renault.

“Adine Sagalyn transforms the industrial banal. A detail does not stand in for the whole. Through replication, inversion, multiplication, it becomes the whole. A new whole. A single skylight we suddenly see as a fragment extracted from a shimmering heaven. After seeing her photos I cannot see a simple pipe, wheel or duct without seeing its possibilities of extension.”
– William Kentridge .


Artiste franco-américaine, vit et travaille à Paris

Compositions photographiques animées du paysage urbain de manière ludique et poétique

Née à New York, Adine Sagalyn vit en France depuis 1981 et travaille en tant que photographe portraitiste depuis une vingtaine d’années. Son travail de photographe plasticienne prend comme source d’inspiration l’architecture, le paysage urbain, la matière industrielle ou les chaînes de fabrication. En 2002 elle crée une fresque photographique monumentale (10m x 50m) intitulée «Kaléidoscope» pour un bâtiment d’Architecture Studio – le Centre de Recherche Daniel Carasso du Groupe Danone. En 2006, Adine Sagalyn est l’artiste invitée à côté de Tinguely, Arman, Erro, César et Doisneau, à l’Atelier Renault.


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