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Originally from Washington DC where he is one of the major artists, Michael Platt is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious endowment of the Franz and Virginia Bader Fund. It is now exhibited internationally and present in many museum and private collections.

“For the past three years my imagery has centered on ritual and the transformation of the human spirit that occurs when it confronts imagined or actual events and circumstances. Most recently, using digitally manipulated female figures to manifest such transformations in my prints, as well as the artist books and broadsides done in collaboration with poet Carol Beane, I have addressed issues of slavery, Hurricane Katrina, waiting, and searching for home. ” Mr. P.


Originaire de Washington DC où il est l’un des artistes majeurs, Michael Platt est le lauréat 2007 de la prestigieuse dotation du Franz and Virginia Bader Fund. Il est aujourd’hui exposé internationalement et présent dans de nombreuses collections muséales ou privées.


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