Opening on October 17 at 7pm

Program of events
October 17 to December 12

Les voix de l'univers carcéralExhibition “Half a Square Meter of Freedom”
International exhibition of Art created in prison

Events “Voices from Prison”
Testimony, roundtable and cultural events

at dorothy’s gallery, American Center for the Arts

As Ambassadors : the Iranian photographer REZA and the French cartoonist BERTHET ONE.
A collection gathered by Art and Prison, Germany
Co-organizers Art et Prison France
In Collaboration with  Carceropolis
And the support of Ensemble contre la Récidive and The Koestler Trust (GB)

Exhibition : 5€ / 3€ *
Events : 10 / 8€ *
Pass :
90€ free access to the exhibition and all the events
45€ free access to the exhibition and six events of your choice

* Reduced rate (less than 26/ handicapped persons / members of the American Center for the Arts)

At a time when prison is often present in the news, especially with the implementation on October 1rst 2014 of the penal reform in France, the exhibition « Half a Square Meter of Freedom » casts a universal and innovative light on prisoners and on prison and illuminates the multifaceted cultural program revealing the challenges facing the world of prison.

« If you let this artwork impress you, your outlook on the prison system will change. »
Mr. Nettersheim, German Justice Ministry

After its success at the German Ministry of Justice in April 2013, the International Exhibition “Half a Square Meter of Freedom” will be on view in Paris from October 17th 2014 to December 12th 2014.

« Voices from prison » proposes to the public an exchange on the universal theme of confinement from a unique point of view: the artistic expression of prisoners from all aver the world.
While prison is characterized by its opacity and its silences, this series of events is a unique opportunity to question the role given to it by society and to discover the emerging analyses on prison and possible alternatives to prison.

 Painters, designers, musicians, photographers, poets, film directors, cultural workers, architects, writers, sociologists, criminologists, representatives from the prison and justice systems, volunteers… will examine how confinement effects self-esteem and the prisoner role in society after his release.

 During these various events, a panel of speakers will review what are the stakes for reinsertion, alternative sentences to confinement, and the fight against re-offending around a central issue: the room for humanity in the world of prison.

      Opening evening of the exhibition

      Link to the event
      Presentation of the project, speeches and entertainment.


    • FRIDAY 24/10 • 19H
      Karim Mokhtari : Redemption

      Link to the event
      Testimony and book signing from the author Karim Mokhtari, former prisoner, committed today to make the prison world evolve.


    • THURSDAY 30/10 • 19H
      Prison as a living space : which architecture ?


      Link to the event
      Roundtable with Christian Demonchy, architect of prisons, and Bruno Michel, architect and urbanist. Screening of the movie “Le Déménagement” (screening to be confirmed).


    • FRIDAY 07/11 • 19H
      Which form of expression in prison ? The role of Art

      Link to the event
      Roundtable with four international specialists about art in prison:
      Peter Echtermeyer, President Founder of Art and Prison e.V. in Berlin,
      Tim Robertson, Chief Executive of The Koestler Trust in London,
      David Gussak, art therapist, President of the art education department of the Florida State University,
      Arnaud Gaillard, sociologist, writer, french university professor.


    • FRIDAY 14/11 • 19H
      Berthet One : escape through art


      Link to the event
      Ambassador of the exhibition, Berthet One will speak about his incarceration and how art and drawing helped him change his life.


    • SATURDAY 15/11 • 19H
      Rap and Slam : bringing words to prison


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      Rap, slam and theatre show and performance with Verbal Sarrazin, who will present his book “Prison Slam” in the presence of Karim Mokhtari.


    • THURSDAY 20/11 • 19H
      Alternatives to confinement

      Link to the event
      Roundtable with Pierre Victor Tournier, demographer and research director with the CNRS, engaged in favour of a new form of criminal restraint.


    • FRIDAY 21/11 • 19H (to be confirmed)
      Clairvaux festival music

      Link to the event
      From the Clairvaux music festival: concert, screening of a documentary movie, presentation of a book of photographies and debate.


    • WEDNESDAY 26/11 • 19H
      Love, sexuality, and intimacy in prison


      Link to the event
      Presentation by Arnaud Gaillard and debate around the webdocumentary “Le Corps incarcéré” (screening to be confirmed).


    • THURSDAY 27/11 • 19H
      Le vent se lève !
      Link to the event
      Theatre show by Le Vent se lève !, a place of art, culture, research, shared creation and expression.


    • THURSDAY 04/12 • 19H
      Have prisoners rights ? A profession : prison controller
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      Meeting with the prison controller Cédric de Torcy from the Contrôle Général des Lieux de Privation de Liberté and screening of the movie “À l’ombre de la république” from Stéphane Mercurio (screening to be confirmed).


    • FRIDAY 05/12 • 19H
      Incarcerated women

      Link to the event
      Reflexion on women in prisons with Frank Balandier and Audrey Chenu, former prisoner. Screening of the concert of the French singer Barbara in the Fresnes prison in 1991.


    • SATURDAY 06/12 • 19H
      “Chairs incarcérées” : an expression of dance in prison

      Link to the event
      Presentation of the work of Sylvie Frigon, criminologist and Claire Jenny, choreographer, about the relation between dance and the prison world.


    • WEDNESDAY 10/12 • 19H
      Expressing confinement : poets behind bars

      Link to the event
      Reading and performance of poems by the students of the theatre school Auvray-Nauroy, in the presence of Frank Balandier, writer.


    • THURSDAY 11/12 • 19H (to be confirmed)
      Policies to help prisoners

      Link to the event
      The federation Citoyens et Justice will present the policies to help prisoners (employment, housing, integration) as a means to fight re-offending (event to be confirmed).


    • FRIDAY 12/12 • 19H-21H • Reza : photography and identity  FREE ENTRANCE
      Closing evening

      Link to the event
      Encounter and testimony with Reza, philanthropist, idealist, humanist and famous photo reporter of iranian origin committed to fight for justice.
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